Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fotowoosh and Photosynth: 2D photos and 3D models

Over on my Computerworld blog, I've taken a brief look at two software tools which can model 3D environments based on ordinary photographs. Judging by the demos that I viewed, the more visually impressive tool is Fotowoosh. Microsoft's Photosynth seems to be an interesting concept, but the end product seems more aimed at creating a geospatial model that contains 2D imagery, rather than true 3D visuals.

When such technologies become available to developers and/or are integrated with other 3D modeling tools, watch out! Here are some possibilities that I outlined on my Computerworld blog:
... If this technology (or one like it) can be integrated with other 3D modelling tools, the impact on a number of industries will be profound. Imagine a FPS game based on actual street scenes, a la Escape From New York. Or a virtual world based on real photographs from a specific time or place. Or a Web-accessible 3D real-estate demo created from standard digital photographs and a floor plan.
Techcrunch reports additional details about Fotowoosh, including news about creator Derek Hoiem and the VRML technology which is used to create the 3D models.

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