Thursday, March 20, 2008

Big Dog robot, or a big headless mule?

I don't post too often about robotics on this blog, but I thought I would share this video. It shows Boston Dynamics "BigDog" robot going through some very impressive terrain tests. Watch the whole video, because some of the best tests take place at the end. Also, be sure to turn down your volume before you click the "play" triangle, because while this thing looks cool, it sounds like a weed whacker going full tilt:

Some technical background was provided by a Slashdot commenter. The robot was funded by DARPA, a government agency that has funded scores of interesting science and technology projects over the past four decades, including early Internet research. The obvious applications of this robot include search, rescue, and resupply in difficult terrain, but some imaginative commenters on Slashdot predict military applications as well. Frankly, the shock factor and noise is enough to terrify practically anyone standing in its path.

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