Friday, November 28, 2008

Summer remembered ...

I'm going through my 2008 photos, and stumbled upon a collection of nature photos I made around our yard and on Prospect Hill in Waltham in July and August, using my S7000 and a tripod. It seems so long ago ...

Rotted stump:

rotted stump

Mossy log:

Mossy log

Rusted telecommunications tower:

Rusted telecommunications tower

Flower, fence, and tower:

Flower, fence, and tower

A small purple flower:

purple flower



Blue bouquet:

Blue bouquet





I am licensing these photos under Creative Commons 3.0, which basically means you are free to copy them, place them on your own website, use them for commercial purposes, and adapt them, as long as you attribute them to Ian Lamont and link back to this post on or

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