Saturday, August 31, 2013

Camping on Lovell's Island, Boston Harbor

It's strange to think there is this almost-abandoned place not ten miles from one of the great cities of the world. It's rural, and surrounded by ocean. One beach has the best skipping stones we've ever held. Weird things wash up here, including water-worn clay pipes and bricks. There are old ruins of houses and chimneys and rusted metal. Gigantic military fortifications from 100 years ago dominate parts of the landscape, with watchtowers guarding the eastern approaches and walled-off tunnels leading to secret bunkers. There are views of the city skyline, Boston Light, and incoming 787s. On summer weekends, it's surrounded by boats. Weekdays, only the ferries and freighters and screaming jets. There were few animals, just snails and crickets and at low tide, barnacles. Blackberries run riot.

Camping on Lovell's Island, Boston Harbor:


  1. Very nice pics of the 'ruins', looks like a great place to go exploring!



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