Thursday, October 02, 2008

Google's Blogger: A love-hate relationship

I've been using Blogger since 2004. It's a pretty good service, but the neglect of basic features and the problem with spam blogs is a major irritant. If I had the time and inclination, I'd switch to Wordpress.

Today Google trotted out an update to its Blog Search tool, which I've also been using for years. It never was that good, thanks in large part to the huge amounts of spam it indexes. The update looks good, but the underlying spam issue has not been tackled. Until it is, and quality blogs dominate the results, I'm sticking with Techmeme.


  1. Wordpress rocks. After running my own install for several years, I got tired of having to do all the upgrading manually, even with subversion, because my theme broke with the latest version. So I moved to Couldn't have been easier.

    They've got an import tool for posts from other systems. You might want to sign up for a free account and see if the import works for you. It might only take 10 minutes :-) ... although you then have to worry about people finding you again. I'm paying the extra $10 a year to keep my domain pointing properly to my blog on

  2. Thanks Sharon. I've been eyeing WP for a while, but the main thing keeping me away is loss of link love ... and the hope that Blogger might get its act together on some of the basic features that most human beings expect, such as scheduled posting.



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