Thursday, October 08, 2009

Photorealism and film

Last month, I applied to be a presenter at the Economist Media Convergence forum in New York. The application required putting together a YouTube video discussing some technology that will shake up the media industry. I chose photorealism. It's something I've been writing about for years (see my paper on the topic below the video) but doing a YouTube video allowed me to incorporate some graphics, including a photorealism software demo and some clips from Wii and the XBox 360's Fallout 3:

Video, Computer-Generated Environments and the Future of the Web

Unfortunately, I didn't make the final cut at the Economist forum, but there will be more chances to talk this up in the years to come. It really is an unavoidable technology trend that will shake up the movie and video industries, as well as the ways in which we consume and customize what we see on TV.

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