Friday, October 29, 2010

MIT D-Lab demo: "cycle ventures"

This was fun. A bunch of the students in my program went to MIT's building E-62 on Thursday night, lured by the promise of free food and beer, and what else did we find? Cool MIT club and classroom demos as well! The following interview that I conducted at the event is from MIT's "D-Lab", which is described as "Development through Dialogue, Design, and Dissemination":

The D-Lab demo is specifically from the "Cycle Ventures" project, which, according to the project website:
... Explores bicycle technology to provide human power for an increasing array of other purposes including water pumping, grain grinding and transport of loads in underserved communities with the aim to offer economic opportunity. The course provides a historical prespective on innovation in bicycle technology, reviews its engineering mechanisms and draws on the ubiquity of bikes to present them as innovative tools to foster socio-economic development.
(Footage shot an edited on an iPod touch using ReelDirector)

Other MIT encounters:

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