Wednesday, November 21, 2012

廢物樂隊 Live

What was Feiwu (廢物樂隊) like live? The last show I played with them was more than 13 years ago, but I remember them as being a lot of fun, particularly after we developed a fan base. Our December 1998 CD release party, from which the following audio was taken, had a few hundred people attending. You can hear the crowd getting into it:

The song is 我要你的愛, which was a cover of an old Chinese big band tune (which was in turn a cover of an old American big band tune). We did it like the Ramones.

Note that the pictures are from many different shows and practice sessions from 1997 to 2001. The art is public domain from

If you want to follow what the band is doing (including a reunion show planned for 2013) be sure to like the official Feiwu Facebook page.

A flyer from a concert we did with Sugarplum Fairy (甜梅號) at a local college in 1999:

甜梅號 and 廢物樂隊 live

If you're interested in learning more about the band, check out our Facebook page or the interview we did with GigGuide. We also have two Feiwu albums for sale on Amazon.


  1. Oi .....

    Funny you putting this here now.

    Was sitting at home in Taipoo typing old bands names in YouTube search to see what came up, typed 廢物 and low-and-behold.

    Would comment on Facebook fan page, but no F###book for me.

    Pity there's no footage of Spring Scream 1999.

    廢物's finest and loudest show.

    If I remember the stage was on a small mound slightly above the few thousand people watching.

    Never really rated the guitarist they got after you left for US.


    Rock-on 廢物 ..!

    You'll have to come back here to play a gig or two. But they don't look like happening anytime soon after your start-up went tits-up.


    1. As soon as I saw "Oi!" I knew who the comment was from!

      Good news: Feiwu may actually be playing this coming February. The bass player and I have booked tickets, and we've already started practicing. We'll let you know more soon.

      Spring Scream '99: That was fun, and we do have a recording somewhere. Favorite moment: The mini-riot when I started passing out a case of free Taiwan beer. And then getting nuked on Belgian beer.

      Talk with you soon!


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