Friday, February 18, 2011

My MIT center of gravity shifts to digital media ...

An update on my Sloan Fellows experience: Last summer and fall, the Sloan Fellows curriculum was dominated by the core. For the two electives in the fall, I pushed for Internet/digital media offerings (6.898/Linked Data Ventures and my G-Lab project, which involved helping a Vietnamese Internet company develop their infrastructure and mobile strategies). Now, with the elective firehose on full, I am taking as many digital media-related classes as I can, with an emphasis on team-based coursework that involves product development and real business plans.

I am taking two classes at the Media Lab (MAS.664/Media Ventures, MAS.571/Social Television), one class (CMS.863J/Computer Games and Simulations for Investigation and Education) cross-listed under Comparative Media Studies/Course 9/Course 11, plus two Sloan classes that directly involve software and online media (Business of Software and Digital Platforms and New Enterprises). That leaves the single H1 core (Global Strategy) and a great law-focused class, Basic Business Law, Tilted Toward Finance. Here's a brief video entry explaining some of them:

For people who are wondering how I can take so many classes at once, the answer is I am "listening" (MIT's term for auditing) two of them.

Am I crazy for attempting to take so many project-based courses? Maybe. I leave my home at 7 in the morning, attend class and have team meetings all day, and in the last week, haven't gotten home until 8 or 9 pm. But this is my last semester at MIT. I won't get another opportunity to study under these faculty, or work on such a wide variety of interesting projects with teams at Sloan, the Media Lab, and even MIT undergraduates (the CMS course only has two or three other grad students, everyone else is undergrad, mostly Course 6). So far I'm keeping up, and it's exhilarating, but check back with me in a month or two to see how I am doing ...

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